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Program Head

Research Areas
Ph.D., Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition


Research Areas
Ph.D., National Chiao Tung University Media Security, Image processing, pattern Recognition, Multi-core computing architecture, FPGA and embedded system designs, Electronic design automation and computer aided design
Ph.D., Computer Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota VSLI CAD/Design, Computer Architecture, IC design
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University Database Systems, Knowledge Base Systems, Vehicle Mobile Computing
Ph.D., Computer Science and Information Engineering,National Chung Cheng Univerisy Medical Imaging, Image/Video Processing, Multimedia Communication, Multimedia Systems
Ph.D., National Taiwan University Information Retrieval, Software Repository Mining, Computational Intelligence, Software testing and Maintenance
Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison Decision science, Decision support system, Medical information system, Hospital total quality management
Yu-Yen Ou Ph.D., National Taiwan University Bioinformaitcs, Machine Learning, Data Mining
K. Robert Lai Ph.D., North Carolina State University Constraint-based Reasoning, Agent Negotiation, Learning Technologies, Wireless Sensor Networks
Jian-Xing Xie The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK Medical Automation, fuzzy control, artificial intelligence
JC Ray Hsieh Ph.D., Rutgers University Medical Informatics, Computational Biology
Ting-Ying Chien Ph.D., Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Taiwan University Data Science, Data mining, machine learning, Intelligent Manufacturing, Medical Informatics